Type A 0.1mL Flat Cap Transparent 8 Strip PCR Tube

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Type A 0.1mL Flat Cap Transparent 8 Strip PCR Tube is designed for general and quantitative PCR applications, can be used PCR amplification applications and for pipetting radioactive, infectious, and aerosol-emitting samples.It is suitable for most conventional PCR systems such as ABI/Life Technologies general and quantitative PCR machines, Agilent, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf and other brands of PCR machines.

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The advantages of Type A 0.1mL Flat Cap Transparent 8 Strip PCR Tube:

1. Made of high quality polyethylene.

2. High transparency for fluorescent PCR and other assays.

3. Thin wall and uniform in thickness.

4. Caps are attached for greater convenience and provide more options for different experimental purposes.

5. The caps are fitted to the tubes to provide an excellent seal. Available with both convex and flat caps, with the flat cap being suitable for real-time 6.Class 100,000 dust-free workshop, ISO13485 quality system standard, no pyrogen, no endotoxin, no DNase, no RNase.

Product Parameters

Name Type A 0.1mL Flat Cap Transparent 8 Strip PCR Tube
Material Imported Polypropylene
Application A wide range of PCR and quantitative fluorescence PCR experiments
MOQ 125strips/pack, 10packs/case
Volume 0.1ml/0.2ml
Specification 125/unit, 10units/case
Lead time According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days.
Shipping DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight
Payment Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

The Importance Of The Pcr 8 Strip Tube

As a classical method in molecular diagnostic testing, the improvement of pcr reagents, consumables and instruments is the result of the wisdom of researchers and developers. As the carrier of the reagent reaction system, the pcr eight-linked tube is structurally compatible with the instrument, and can be said to be the interface between reagent and instrument, but its importance is often overlooked.

Firstly, the reaction chamber is made of a ductile, high-temperature resistant thin layer of plastic and is designed to project outwards to increase the specific surface area and to allow the surface of the reaction tube to fit closely to the temperature control module, thereby improving the response to temperature.

Secondly, the interplay between the incident and reflected surfaces of the reaction chamber allows fluorescence to pass along a specific route, ensuring fluorescence signal acquisition; in addition, the multi-layer sealing design of the lid prevents contamination from leakage of amplification products.

The unique design of the eight-linked tube, integrated into the test kit as one of the core technologies, enables an integrated process from sample preparation to nucleic acid amplification detection, which, together with its pipetting system, makes detection more convenient and rapid.

In addition to the basic function of an eight-linked tube, which is to ensure that the reagent reaction system works properly and to prevent product leakage and contamination, further improvements can be made to the tube to speed up the reaction and even increase the sensitivity in combination with system or instrument characteristics.

Taken together, a sensible tube design can enhance the efficiency of the system, or enable special reaction steps, or be designed to match the structure of the instrument. Although pcr tubes are the main consumable for nucleic acid amplification assays, few manufacturers have put a great deal of thought into designing optimised consumables.


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