Transparent Disposable Elisa Micro Plate

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Transparent Disposable Elisa Micro Plate is a safe, reliable and effective carrier for ELISA assays for use in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays: e.g. immunization, identification of genetically modified products, and medical clinical diagnostics, etc.

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The advantages of this Transparent Disposable Elisa Micro Plate:

1. 100% USP tested, Class VI sterilised polystyrene is used as raw material and the current international surface treatment technology and manufacturing process for low temperature polymer materials are adopted. 

2. Transparent plate body, more sensitive measurement.

3. 96-well non-detachable plate and 48-well and 96-well detachable plate, more options.

4. Alphanumeric labeling to prevent cross-contamination and to facilitate experimentation. Sterile.

5. Uniform thickness, uniform pore size, no distortion at the bottom.

Product Parameters

Name Transparent Disposable Elisa Micro Plate
Material Imported Polypropylene
Application ELISA Assay
Specification 5pcs/box, 32boxes/case
MOQ 1 Case
Lead time According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days.
Shipping DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight
Payment Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

Details For ELISA Experiments

1. Warm-up is carried out strictly at the specified time and temperature to ensure accurate results. All reagents must reach room temperature of 20-25°C before use. Keep reagents refrigerated immediately after use.

2. Incorrect washing of plates can lead to inaccurate results. Make sure to aspirate as much liquid as possible from the wells before adding the substrate. Do not allow the microtiter wells to dry out during the warming process.

3. Remove any residual liquid and fingerprints from the bottom of the plate, as this can affect the OD value.

4. The substrate development solution should be colourless or very light in colour and substrate solutions that have turned blue should not be used.

5. Avoid cross-contamination of reagents and specimens to avoid incorrect results.

6. Avoid direct light during storage and warming.

7. Equilibrate to room temperature before opening the sealed bag to prevent water droplets from coalescing on the cold laths.

8. Any reaction reagents must not come into contact with bleaching solvents or strong gases emitted by bleaching solvents. Any bleaching component will destroy the biological activity of the reagents in the kit.

9. Expired products must not be used.

10. All samples should be managed if there is a possibility of disease transmission and samples and testing devices should be handled according to the prescribed procedures.

11. The kit should be removed from the refrigerated environment and equilibrated at room temperature before use.

12. Dilution of 20 x Wash Buffer: Distilled water at 1:20 dilution, i.e. 1 part 20 x Wash Buffer to 19 parts distilled water.


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