Compatible with Roche Semi Skirt White 0.1mL 96 Well PCR Microplate

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Widely used in genetic, biochemical, immunological and pharmaceutical fields, they are not only applied in basic research such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but also in the diagnosis of diseases or anywhere where DNA, RNA is available, and are disposable and consumable laboratory items.

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Features Of Roche Special PCR Plates

1. Produced in an ultra-clean production environment with superior* biological polypropylene.

2. Thin tube wall, uniform wall thickness, fast heat transfer efficiency and uniform sample heating.

3. Good fit of heat transfer tank to better promote heat transfer.

4. High precision mould manufacturing and precision plastic moulding process to ensure product quality and batch-to-batch product uniformity/stability.

5. Letters, numbers and marking lines are engraved on the front for quick identification/differentiation of samples.The advantages of this Flat Cap Transparent Plastic 0.2ml

Product Parameters

Name Compatible with Roche Semi Skirt White 0.1mL 96 Well PCR Microplate
Material Imported Polypropylene
Application A wide range of PCR and quantitative fluorescence PCR experiments
MOQ 10 Case
Volume 0.1ml/0.2ml
Specification 10plates/pack, 5 packs/case
Lead time According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days.
Shipping DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight
Payment Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

Applications Of Roche PCR Plates

1.Roche special PCR plates are mainly made of polypropylene (PP), can better adapt to the PCR reaction process repeated high and low temperature settings, and can achieve high-temperature autoclave operation.

2. For high throughput operation with lances and PCR instruments, 96-well or 384-well PCR plates are more commonly used. The plates conform to SBS international standards and are available in four designs: no skirt, half-skirt, rising skirt and full skirt to suit different manufacturers' PCR instruments.

Some Knowledge About Roche PCR Plates

The Roche PCR plates have a stiffer backbone than previous PCR plates and have an additional opening in the middle to ensure no deformation due to sudden cold or heat when performing PCR reactions. The edges of each well are slightly raised to increase the seal of the plate and reduce the possibility of liquid evaporation. Clearer alphanumeric markings ensure that samples are tracked without error, adaptable to mainstream PCR amplifiers/fluorescent quantitative PCR instruments, sequencers and automated pipetting workstations, and the ultra-thin wall design ensures temperature transfer during PCR amplification. Pyrogen-free, DNA/RNA enzyme-free, PCR inhibitor-free and free of human-derived genomic DNA.

Roche PCR plates are widely used in genetic, biochemical, immunological and pharmaceutical applications, not only for basic research such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis, but also for disease diagnosis or wherever DNA, RNA is present. PCR plates can be subdivided into three design modes according to skirt design: no skirt, half skirt and full skirt, which are marketed according to the fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument will be designed with different cut corners or raised edges. Sealing membranes Pressure sensitive adhesive cover membranes provide a seal to each well, reducing the chance of inter-well contamination and sample evaporation, helping to ensure consistent real-time quantitative fluorescence PCR data, ease of use and effectively preventing the loss of valuable samples.


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