Bulked Lab Supplies 2mL Transparent Micro Centrifuge Tubes

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Bulked Lab Supplies 2mL Transparent Micro Centrifuge Tubes are used to optimise the needs of protein and DNA analysis as well as to guarantee a greater degree of protein/DNA recovery.

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The advantages of this Bulked Lab Supplies 2mL Transparent Micro Centrifuge Tubes:

1. The beveled edge of the tube cover is designed with good touch and easy to open.

2. Half-closing function, reduce the pollution caused by multiple sample filling operations.

3. Use of high quality mould, super smooth inner wall, reduce liquid adsorption residue.

4. Using high quality raw materials, the tube wall is super clear and easy to observe.

5. No DNA enzyme, RNA enzyme and heat source.

6. Can be switched on and off continuously for thousands of times, no wear and tear on the structure, no leakage.

7. The ring structure also helps the lid to open and hold up to 30 degrees, 90 degrees, 125 degrees or 180 degrees.

8. Polypropylene material is chemically and cryogenically resistant.

9. The latching safety lid provides the user with a great deal of security in daily operation, especially in heating applications.

Notes On Centrifuge Tubes

When we use centrifuge tubes, do not use a tube more than once, pay attention to sample volatilisation and the leakage of some radioactive or corrosive samples; in the storage process, it is necessary to seal well; to prevent deformation of centrifuge tubes in the process of use.

Product Parameters

Name Bulked Lab Supplies 2mL Transparent Micro Centrifuge Tubes
Material Imported Polypropylene
Application biochemistry, molecular biology research
Specification 500 tubes/pack, 10 packs/case
MOQ 1 Case
Volume 0.6mL/1.5mL/2.0mL
Specification RNase-free, DNase-free, Human DNA free.
Lead time According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days.
Shipping DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight
Payment Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

How To Use The Centrifuge Tubes?

1. As the graduated centrifuge tube is a measuring-in instrument, it must be cleaned and dried before use.

2. When reading, it is important to observe the bent liquid level correctly, otherwise a certain error will be introduced.

3. When using, the number of centrifuge tubes should be decided according to the model of the centrifuge. If a single test is done with a double-cased centrifuge, the same volume of liquid must be filled in the other centrifuge tube to maintain equilibrium.

4. The centrifuge tube should be compatible with the centrifuge casing. The tube should not be too long, otherwise it will be prone to breakage during rotation. However, it is not easy to be too short either. A tube that is too short is unstable when rotating in the air and is prone to breakage. Too thick set into, too fine rotation when unstable, round mouth should be larger than the casing inner diameter prevail.

5. After the centrifuge tube is set into the casing of the centrifuge for layered separation, the rotation should be allowed to stop naturally when it stops, and should never be forced to stop by external force.


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