Bagged Pack 20μL Yellow Filter Pipette Tips

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Tips with fliter are a consumable designed to avoid cross-contamination and are often used in experiments in molecular biology, cytology, virology, etc. For experiments with high sensitivity requirements, or for valuable samples or reagents that are prone to residues, low adsorption tips can be chosen to improve recovery. The hydrophobic surface of the low adsorption tips reduces the risk of low surface tension liquids leaving a high residual in the tip. The wide mouth tip is ideal for aspirating viscous materials, genomic DNA and cell cultures.

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The advantages of Bagged Pack 20μL Yellow Filter Pipette Tips:

1. Filter tips are manufactured in a class 100,000 clean spacehydrophobic and ideal for safe laboratory pipetting.

2. Zero interference: Pure and free of additives.

3. Clean manufacturing and packaging processes .

What Are The Functions Of Filter?  

The filters for the suction tip cartridges are machine loaded to ensure complete freedom from contamination during manufacture and packaging. They are certified free from RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogenic contamination. In addition, all filters are pre-sterilised by radiation after packaging for enhanced protection of biological samples.

When to use the suction head cartridge.

Product Parameters


Bagged Pack 20μL Yellow Filter Pipette Tips


Imported Polypropylene


Nucleic acid amplification experiments, radioactive or isotopically labelled samples, volatile or corrosive samples, critical assay samples


1000 Pieces/Pack, 20 Packs/Case


1 Case


10μL, 20μl, 50μl,100 μl, 200μl, 250μl, 500μl,1000μl,  fit for various type of pipettes, and pls contact us for specification matching


Sterile/not, Filtered/not, Low Retention/not, RNase-free, DNase-free, Human DNA free.

Lead time

According to the order quantity, the lead time is about 1-7 days.


DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, Air/Sea Freight


Paypal, T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.


When To Use The Pipette Tip Filter? 

Filter pipette tips must be used in all molecular biology applications that are sensitive to contamination. Filter tip cartridges help to reduce the possibility of fume formation and prevent aerosol contamination, which in turn serves to protect pipette shafts from cross-contamination. In addition, the filter barrier prevents the sample from being carried away from the pipette, thus preventing PCR contamination.

Notes on pipette tip installation:

With most brands of pipettes, especially multichannel pipettes, fitting the tips is not an easy task: in order to achieve a good seal, the pipette sleeve handle needs to be inserted into the tip and then tightened by turning it left and right or rocking it back and forth with force. Some people also use the pipette to tighten the tips by repeatedly hitting them, but this can lead to deformation of the tips and affect accuracy, or in severe cases damage the pipette, so it should be avoided.


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