About Us

Suzhou Bioselec Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Bioselec Biotechnology Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful Suzhou Industrial Park, is an innovative technology enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of biological research supplies, with a factory area of 12,000 square meters, with 6,600 square meters of clean workshop, based on a global perspective, the establishment of its own brand GIBBS (Reagents), BBSP (Consumables) and KUBBLE (Instruments), for the global life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food safety, government agencies and clinical medicine and other fields of laboratory to provide a full range of research supplies one-stop procurement services.

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Our Technique

Our team has over decade years experience of manufacturing and global marketing experience in this specific area. The BBSP brand of laboratory consumables covers a wide range of products such as common tips, automated tips, PCR tubes and centrifuge tubes, which are registered with international standards such as FDA, CE and ISO13485.As global brand, we successfully had BBSP® registered for over 40 countries, product lines under BBSP® have been successfully exported to over 40 countries including Europe/USA/Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets.

Application Technology Center2

Application Technology Center

The center can perform most biological experiments such as nucleic acid extraction, PCR amplification experiments, electrophoresis, Elisa experiments, cell culture, and microorganism culture.

Application Technology Center

Mold R&D Center

Cutting-edge technology of mold production, including imported mold equipment, professional mold team, and efficient mold development and production capacity.

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PCR Laboratory

The types of instruments and supporting facilities are complete, capable of carrying out PCR amplification experiments.

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Cell Culture Laboratory

Sterility experiments, cell culture microbial culture application testing, and ELISA application testing available. Also capable for the maintenance and propagation of eukaryotic cells and the real-time fluorescent microscope on cell proliferation imaging.

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Our Factory

6,000 square meters of 100,00 Class Clean Room. 300 Sets of Advanced Mold Processing & Testing Equipment. 140 Sets Injection Machine.

Quality Guaranteed

Experienced team & a complete plastic consumables production line.

We have a complete plastic consumables production line. Mold-making, injection molding and sterilization, all the procedures are done efficiently in our own factory. Precision molds, high quality raw material and advanced equipment to produce and perform quality testing with strict and comprehensive rules to ensure our products meet the highest quality and performance standards expected by the hospitals, research institutions and industrial, clinical laboratories that we supply.


ISO 13485 Authorization Letter